Digital Scans for Restorations and Appliances

At Biological Dentistry of Albuquerque, we strive to provide the best oral health care available. That’s why we use the latest in digital scanning technology to create accurate and efficient impressions for restorations and TMD appliances. 

With the 3 Shape Trios 4 digital scanner , we can quickly and accurately take impressions of your teeth and mouth that are necessary for the fabrication of dental restorations and TMD appliances. The 3 Shape Trios 4 digital scanner is a hand-held intraoral scanner that takes 3-dimensional digital video impressions with proven accuracy. Unlike traditional impressions that require you to bite into trays that are filled with a soft substance, this scanner makes it easy and comfortable to take impressions. 

The small hand-held wand is easy to maneuver and can accurately scan even the most challenging cases. Plus, with the 3 Shape Trios 4 digital scanner, you can view your impression on the monitor as it’s being scanned. This allows you to not only see why we recommend restoration for your oral health needs, but also understand the importance of the treatments we suggest. 

Biological Dentistry Of Albuquerque