At Biological Dentistry of Albuquerque, we believe in taking a holistic approach to dental care. We understand that periodontal health is an integral part of whole-body health. That’s why our periodontics services are focused on treating the underlying causes of gum disease, rather than just the symptoms. Dr. Supple has extensive experience in treating periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and more. 

Gum disease is a chronic infection and inflammation of the gum tissues and can affect the health of your teeth and gums. If left untreated, it can lead to the destruction of your gum tissues and the loss of teeth. The two stages of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontitis. 

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease and usually causes redness and swelling in the gums. Other symptoms may include sensitive teeth, pain when chewing, and bad breath. If gingivitis is not treated, it can progress to periodontitis. 

Periodontitis is the more serious form of gum disease. Here, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth, creating pockets of infection where plaque and tartar can build up. This increases the risk of tooth and bone loss, as well as damage to the gums and other soft tissues. 

We understand that the bacteria present in the mouth can affect the body’s organs and vice versa. Therefore, we offer a holistic approach to periodontal care that is focused on the underlying causes of gum disease. We strive to identify and address the factors that are contributing to the health of your gums and to provide comprehensive, non-surgical periodontal treatment and prevention. 

At Biological Dentistry of Albuquerque, we use sophisticated diagnostic tools to uncover the underlying causes of gum disease. Our periodontal protocol includes an evaluation of the patient’s diet, lifestyle, and possible genetic predispositions, along with a holistic approach to restoring balance in the mouth and body. We use non-surgical therapies such as ozone and laser treatments, nutritional therapies, and herbal remedies to support periodontal health. 

If you’re concerned about gum disease, it’s important to get a professional screening as soon as possible. At Biological Dentistry of Albuquerque, our experienced hygienists can provide deep cleaning or scaling and root planing to remove tartar, calculus, and infected tissue from your teeth and gums.

To reduce your risk of gum disease, we recommend brushing twice and flossing once every day, as well as having a dental exam and professional cleaning at least twice each year. Common risk factors for gum disease include poor oral hygiene habits, diabetes, smoking, and hormonal changes. Some medications can also increase your likelihood of developing gum disease.

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